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Jaguar XJ Lease

Six years after its release, the Jaguar XJ is still encouraging people to take our lease agreement. And, it’s easy to see why a Jaguar XJ lease is so appealing when you look at the car for the first time.

It’s stunning. Dressed in all-black, or whatever colour you prefer, it appears to be a sleeker, cooler, all-around better limousine. However, you won’t be mistaken for a politician in this bad boy. Instead, when passers-by and fellow motorists see the XJ coming, they’re bound to think somebody rich and famous is in the back.

Its style is a testament to the fact that it has barely been remodelled or rebooted in the past six years. Yes, there was a facelift in 2017, but it wasn’t cosmetic. All the tweaks were aimed at making the vehicle better performance-wise, while the eye-catching exterior continued to wow everyone who laid eyes on it.

You’ll be glad to hear that this saloon isn’t all talk. It walks the walk, too. Unlike other Jags on the market, it doesn’t have an official five-star safety rating from Euro NCAP, yet this is only because the regulatory body hasn’t crash-tested the model. If it did, it would be hard to conclude that Euro NCAP wouldn’t find the XJ’s features to be more than extensive. After all, it comes with eight airbags you can turn on and off, electronic stability control, and traction control. Probably the most ingenious addition is the bonnet which pops open in a collision to protect driver and passengers from harm.

Jaguar XJ Lease

Another reason it’s a car to drive rather than to drive in is the emphasis on the experience. Lots of manufacturers attempt to impress customers with a striking exterior, and seem to forget all about the interior. This isn’t the case with the Jaguar XJ lease because of the low seating position, shallow glass and two-tier dashboard make it a pleasure to drive. Not only are you immersed in comfort, but you feel as if you’re in tune with the vehicle due to these small-yet-significant driver additions. The intuitive steering and the impressive handling for which Jaguar is known only enhances the experience.

Then, there is the engine. If the smooth and fluid handling and ride take care of the bumpy A and B roads, the V6 petrol engine is made for the open road. The 3.0-litres and 516lb of torque are all any drivers need to feel the need for speed. The XJ gobbles up the tarmac as if it’s hungry by responding to every input or command you give it almost instantly, seamlessly moving from gear to gear without any issues. The diesel version is less powerful, yet it’s ideal if you’re not bothered about going very fast.

It’s Euro6 compliant, which means the diesel gives off fewer than 80 mg/km of CO2, while the petrol engine is down at 60 mg/km of CO2 and under.

Jaguar XJ Business & Personal Contract Hire

When you realise what this Jag has to offer, a Jaguar XJ lease is a no-brainer. If you don’t know how to start your journey and are looking for help, please contact us. We’ll outline everything you need to know about our contract hire purchase and lease agreements. You can call us on 0151 728 4711 or send us an email at

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