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Mercedes-Benz B Class Lease

If you are looking for a spacious, luxurious and tall family car, you will struggle to find better than a Mercedes-Benz B Class lease. This is one of the best family vehicles on the market today. It is an excellent alternative to a lot of the modern SUVs on the market, especially as it provides such an easy drive with classic Mercedes luxury. There are also a lot of extras with this vehicle. Combine this with the decent-sized boot and all of the room inside, and you have one of the best SUV’s available from Mercedes.

If you do not want an SUV, but you like the idea of a vehicle that has flashy interior and a high seating position, you won’t be disappointed with this car from Mercedes. It has a smooth design, which is a great alternative to the usual range of off-road styled SUVs that are on the market today. Plus, the lowered suspension and AMG-line trim even provide the B Class with a pleasant sporty feel. 

When compared with most small hatchbacks, this vehicle has a taller body. It still looks sleek thanks to the curvy styling, though. The cabin has a futuristic feel as well, with 64-colour mood lighting, dual infotainment displays, and a set of neat metal air vents. 

It’s not all about the looks with the Mercedes-Benz B Class, though. There is plenty of usable room as well, meaning you can easily stretch out if you are tall. There is also plenty of space in the boot too. Plus, the rear seats are sliding, meaning you can trade some passenger knee room in favour of a bigger boot if needed. 

The B Class is relaxing to drive and extremely comfortable. Plus, the standard automatic gearbox will take heavy traffic in its stride. It is cheap to run as well, which is another great tick for this vehicle. There are a few add-ons worth considering, including the advanced driver assistance systems, which will adjust cruise control settings and change lanes automatically for you.

Searching for the best Mercedes-Benz B Class lease could be an intimidating process, as you may have no clue where to begin. From lower financial risk to enhanced convenience, there are various advantages of personal car hire. To begin, you'll be able to find a contract that's fully suitable for you. The length and the price of the lease will have been arranged before you receive the car, which means you have the opportunity to look for something suited to your budget, and you can improve cost efficiency by only leasing the car for the period you need it.

Mercedes-Benz B Class Personal Contract Hire

If you want to drive around in a Mercedes-Benz B Class, all you need to do is get in touch with us today for more information. Our experienced and highly trained advisers are waiting to get you a great deal. Drop us an email on or call us on 0151 728 4711.

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