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Mercedes-Benz V Class Lease

A replacement for the ageing and outdated Viano, a Mercedes-Benz V Class lease is the perfect option for those who want an incredible amount of space and an unbeatable level of luxury. Lease this vehicle and you will have the perfect car for chauffeuring around business clients or perhaps taking your friends to exciting events. Favoured by rock stars as well as the corporate elite the V Class is an epic choice for longer trips. 

There is a V Class trim to suit every style imaginable and every possible practical need. Choose from eight, seven or six seats and decide the direction you need them facing. With these custom choices, you can determine whether your leased V class is going to be perfect for communal trips or something more formal. You can adapt the seats however you wish to set up the perfect interior environment for your needs.

Despite the Mercedes brand, this is not a supercar, although if you handle it right it can certainly feel sportier than you might expect. That’s no easy feat considering it weighs an incredible 2,155Kg. 

We have two choices of engines for you to consider and the larger V250d engine provides an impressive 187hp. While the V Class won’t take off, it will comfortably climb up to a rapid pace and provide you with a certain level of power on the road. It can actually take you up to 60 in just 9.1 seconds. 

The full driving experience is equally impressive, bolstered by some rather brilliant practical choices. Since the V Class is high up, you will be provided with an uninterrupted view of the road and it does handle beautifully, regardless of the weight. The only time you feel the weight is when you brake because it does have a slight bite. However, this means that you can stop the massive hotel on wheels quickly and comfortably within a safe distance. 

The main reason for leasing this vehicle is always going to be the comfort it provides and you won’t be disappointed with what you discover. The V Class boasts an opulent design that lives up to the luxury name and it feels similar to an S Class. There’s a 7-inch display for you to enjoy as a driver which will allow you to control every element of the vehicle. 

We can offer this vehicle with a range of extras too, including heated seats and full, three-zone climate control through to the back. You will be able to keep all your passengers in complete comfort. 

Our V class vehicles to lease are also available with a range of practical benefits including attention assist, cruise control, and collision prevention assist. Mercedes have included all the AI possible with this new class to keep you safe on the road. 

Mercedes-Benz V Class Personal Contract Hire

If you would like to learn more about our Mercedes-Benz V Class lease and you think it could be the perfect choice for you, make sure you contact us on or call 0151 728 4711. We can discuss the different possibilities available and ensure that you find the lease to match your budget and the trim to suit your style. 

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