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MINI Hatchback Lease

The MINI is an iconic car brand for the UK, and since being bought by BMW, it still remains to be one of the most popular cars that are associated traditionally within Great Britain. An iconic design and style is something that features through many models past and present, and the MINI Hatchback lease is no different.

When it comes to the Hatchback, it’s a version of the MINI that has remained consistently strong throughout its various models, and we have a range of them available when it comes to leasing one. Whether it’s the stylish touches that are applied to the exterior or it’s competitive running costs, there’s a lot to love about this type of car. Being able to have reliability and affordability is something that many car drivers will identify with, and if you’re one of those drivers, then this car is definitely for you.

The MINI Hatchback lease is a popular car due to low and competitive running costs and makes me a good car when it comes to leasing it. The 89g/km of CO2 is probably the best feature and one that anyone with knowledge of previous cars would want to take advantage of. For the economy, it’s a great option and provides enough power behind it for most drivers on the road. MINI’s can often seem a lot smaller in comparison to other cars when actually this model is very comfortable in terms of the room it has.

The style of the interiors is modern and with the times of today’s expectations for drivers. As well as it is stylish, it’s also simple in terms of the dashboard and is well laid out without feeling too cramped. With plenty of technology to boot, the MINI Hatchback is a modern-day car for the modern-day driver. The on-board computer has many features, including Bluetooth, to help link your phone up to whilst driving. LED lights help to light up the car in an attractive way, including union jack style rear lights.  

With plenty of storage space, a MINI Hatchback lease an ideal car for any single owner or couple. There’s an automatic start/stop function for those who want to a quick start and an automatic headlight activation switch for when you need some assistance. This car gives you everything and more to make sure your driving experience is both comfortable and effortless. Choose from petrol-fueled options or join the future and get an electric version to save even more on the environment. Whatever you pick, it won’t affect the quality of the car and its ease of driving. 

MINI Hatchback Personal Contract Hire

The MINI is a classic brand known very well here in the UK, and so it’s only right to be part of the family. If you’re looking at getting a lease with one of our MINI Hatchbacks then make sure to get in touch to see what’s available. We can help with any queries or requirements you may have, so drop us a line on 0151 728 4711 or an email on

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