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Renault Captur Lease

If you’ve been thinking about getting an SUV but you’re not sure which is right for you, a Renault Captur lease could be a viable option. Winner of the Small SUV of the Year award in 2020 (by AutoExpress), the Renault Captur combines power, performance, and refinement into one unforgettable SUV. 

It starts on the muscular exterior, which features a classic look combined with a more expressive, larger design. Almost everything about the SUV is customizable from the inside out, so you can make it look like a reflection of your personal style. 

It’s about more than looks for this powerhouse. The Renault Captur features cutting-edge technology to make driving it an unforgettable experience every time. Some of the technology it features includes lane departure warning, full LED headlights, and automated emergency calling. With a smart cockpit, you’ll feel fully in control each time you get behind the wheel. 

Finally, you can enjoy the benefits of the high-performance petrol engine the SUV has to offer. Theta re meant to reduce maintenance costs while giving you peak performance.  

Renault Captur Lease

If you’re interested in learning more about the Renault Captur, feel free to contact us. There is a lot of technology being used on this vehicle that really makes it stand out. We can help you work through it and understand all of it.

To learn about the contract hire offers we have and to get expert advice from our experienced team of advisers, drop us an email at or call 0151 728 4711.

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