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SEAT Arona Lease

Compact SUVs are more popular than ever, providing the safety, practicality, and versatility that drivers require. A SEAT Arona lease ensures you’ll be able to gain all these perks as well as many more. 

It’s impossible not to notice the level of interior space the Arona provides. Despite the compact build, you will easily be able to comfortably fit your entire family in this vehicle, even for longer drives. The extra space isn’t limited to the cabin either. There are 400 litres of storage space too, which is more than enough for the weekly shop or any business equipment that you could need to transport. With this level of space, the Arona easily surpasses countless other vehicles in the same class. 

If you do choose to SEAT Arona lease from us, you’ll find a range of fantastic trims available. With so many options we firmly believe there is one suitable for every style preference. You can even choose from different engine options including the 1.0 TSI 115. Lease an Arona with this engine and you will be able to take advantage of 115hp. You can choose from an automatic or manual gearbox too so you can even select a choice that is going to match your driving style. 

If you are looking for a compact SUV that provides a high level of comfort, you won’t be disappointed with the SEAT Arona. This vehicle is fantastic at absorbing the bumps and jolts on the road. You’re not going to feel the potholes in this vehicle thanks to a beautifully designed suspension that more than delivers on the SUV label. 

If you’re researching compact SUVs practicality is all but certain to be a key consideration. The Arona is a perfect choice and this goes beyond the spacious cabin as well as the large boot. You’ll find that there is plenty of legroom too, making it ideal if you are planning on chauffeuring around adults. As such, this could be the ideal, budget-friendly choice for business use as well as personal leasing. 

While not available in four-wheel drive, this small SUV does provide a fantastic experience on the road. With a high level of grip and light steering, you will love the way the Arona feels. You’ll never be concerned that the vehicle is escaping your control. Adding to the practical label is the fantastic fuel savings available with this choice. If you cruise at 70mph you could gain as much as 71mpg. That is an astounding achievement and one that very few other models of vehicles on the market have been able to replicate. Those with a more frantic driving style will still easily achieve 60mpg.

SEAT Arona Personal Contract Hire

If you would like to learn more about our SEAT Arona lease offers and the different trims that we have available for lease make sure you contact us on or call 0151 728 4711. We’ll be happy to discuss the different options and ensure that you find the perfect choice for your needs. 

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