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Our Skoda lease deals are available to be delivered straight to your doorstep in the mainland UK, for both personal and business contract hire customers.

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Road Tax Included

Vehicle Road Tax is included in our Skoda lease deals for the entire duration of the contract. Meaning more peace of mind motoring and less stress.

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Full Manufacturers Warranty

Our Skoda lease deals come with the Full Manufacturers Warranty, meaning you can enjoy peace of mind when it comes to the health of your car and repairs. 

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Here at Stable Vehicle Contracts, we take pride in the fantastic leasing experience we offer. As such we have accumulated over 1,000 five-star reviews since 2009.

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Skoda Superb Estate in Cobalt Blue metallic

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Stable Vehicle Contracts was established in 2009 and is an industry leader in the supply of cars and commercial vehicles through leasing and contract hire in the UK. We are part of a large, privately owned, Volkswagen and Audi dealership group with over 25 sites.

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Skoda Lease Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone can lease a Skoda, provided they pass the required credit checks to be eligible and have a full UK driving licence. All of our Skoda models require a credit check and we generally advise our customers to have a good credit history in order to have the best chance of passing. When it comes to personal contract hire, this is the best type of contract for those after a Skoda lease for everyday use. Those who require a Skoda lease for their business activities will need to look into business contract hire, as this suits individuals who need it for work.

Leasing a Skoda can be an attractive option for drivers seeking a blend of practicality, affordability, and features. Skodas generally focus on value for money, reliability and practicality over flair. Although Skoda generally isn't known for being a premium brand, their cars come with the latest modern features and technology that enhance the driving experience, without breaking the bank. If you are someone who prioritises affordability and getting the most features for your money, as well as owning a reliable and durable vehicle with high practicality, a Skoda lease is a perfect choice. In terms of actual vehicles available, you have reliable hatchbacks like the Fabia and Scala. Executive cars like the dependable Octavia and Superb come in both saloon and estate models with massive amounts of boot space and fantastic mpg figures. SUV-wise, you have the compact Kamiq, larger Karoq and larger still Kodiaq. If you want an EV (electric vehicle), the recently released Enyaq SUV-coupe has a generously large range.

Traditionally, the Skoda Octavia has been Skodas most popular model, as it has been proven to have exceptional reliability and great mpg figures. Although it's not exactly the most exciting model to look at, the mid-size Octavia is available in hatchback and wagon body styles, offering a blend of practicality, space, comfort, and technology. The Skoda Kamiq, Karoq and Kodiaq have become popular in recent years due to the SUV craze. The Kodiaq also offers optional third-row seating and ample cargo space, making it a versatile choice for everyday use and adventures alike. The Kamiq is perfect if you need something that is big enough to fit a family but compact enough to navigate tight city streets. The Karoq sits between these two if you need something a bit bigger than the Kamiq but not as big as the Kodiaq. And finally, the Superb flagship saloon is known for its luxurious interior, spacious cabin, and abundance of features. It caters to those seeking a comfortable and refined driving experience in a large saloon, typically used by business lease users.

Our Skoda lease contracts are typically from 24, 36 and 48 months long. In other words, two, three or four-year contracts. More often than not, 48 months is typically the smallest monthly payment, as it's spread across a longer amount of time. But this is not always the case and sometimes deals can be cheaper on 24 or 36-month contracts. It's best to check every single option when customising your Skoda lease contract, just to ensure you're getting the best deal for your budget.

As part of your contractual obligation, your vehicle will have to be serviced at a Skoda dealership once per year or when your Skoda tells you to have your vehicle booked in for a service (usually via the infotainment system). You can often include a maintenance package as part of your contract, meaning for a bit extra per month, your service fees are paid off monthly rather than in a lump sum once a year.

Stable Vehicle Contracts only offers brand new Skoda vehicles when it comes to leasing, both personal and business contract hire. Some leasing companies do offer used leasing deals but unfortunately, we do not. However, this should not be a problem thanks to the affordable costs of leasing. If you're after an in-stock vehicle, as used vehicles often are, our in-stock section on our website shows you all the current Skoda cars available with quick delivery. We're also part of a Volkswagen dealership group (VAG), meaning we can supply Skodas far quicker than other leasing companies can when it comes to stock vehicles.

The most affordable Skoda you can lease will typically be hatchback lease deals, as these cars are smaller and cost less overall. Cars such as the Fabia and Scala are generally the most affordable per month. However, the Octavia and Karoq command fantastically low prices given the size and amount of specification you get with them. It's no surprise that the Octavia is one of the most popular cars they've sold. The quickest way to find the cheapest Skoda lease deal is to scroll back to the top of this page and select your budget using the filter, or select the 'Price: Low to High' button on the right-hand side. Alternatively, signing up for our newsletter or following our social media means you can keep up to date with new Skoda lease deals when they come out.

Skoda cars are praised for their low costs and value for money, dependability and practicality. Therefore if you are looking to lease a car similar to a Skoda, the main brands you would be looking at would be Mazda, Citroen, Vauxhall, Ford, SEAT and Peugeot. All of these brands offer similar value-for-money vehicles while keeping build quality in the same region. Volkswagen is also another brand worth looking at but they are slightly more expensive.

Generally, Skoda lease deals are more affordable than other brands thanks to their value-for-money cars. Hatchbacks are always going to be the most affordable to lease, with a Skoda Fabia costing around £260 per month. The reliable and dependable Octavia will set you back around £280 per month, while the mid-size Karoq SUV around £290 per month. The large Skoda Kodiaq does cost quite a bit more than the other models, around £345 per month but it is Skoda's flagship SUV.

These are all terms that you will see when it comes to Skoda vehicles For example, a Skoda Karoq model might be a 2.0 TDI [150] Sportline 4x4 5dr DSG. We'll explain what this means. 1.0, 1.5 or 2.0 refers to the size of the engine, 2.0-litres in this example. 150 is the number of bhp (horsepower) the engine produces. TSI stands for a petrol engine, while TDI stands for a diesel engine. 4x4 means the car has four-wheel drive (4WD). And finally, DSG simply means automatic gearbox. So the car in the example above is a 2.0-litre diesel 150 bhp four-wheel drive automatic.

Skoda cars have strong performance when it comes to crash safety tests. Most recently, the 2024 Skoda Octavia received a 5-star overall rating from Euro NCAP, meaning the car achieved the highest rating possible for safety. Skoda prioritizes using high-strength steel in their chassis structures, helping to absorb impact energy and safeguard occupants in a crash. Skoda cars focus on advanced safety features for their vehicles such as Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and Electronic Stability Control (ESC). Many Skoda models also offer advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) as standard or optional features, such as Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB), Blind Spot Monitoring (BLIS) and Lane Departure Warnings. You should always feel safe when driving a Skoda, whichever model you choose to lease.

Currently, at the time of writing, Skoda offers an electric vehicle (EV) called the Skoda Enyaq. It's a fully electric SUV with a sloping coupe roofline that was introduced in 2020 and offers a blend of performance, range, and practicality. The Enyaq comes with various battery pack options, allowing you to choose the range that best suits your needs. The largest battery offers a maximum driving range of up to 530 km (330 miles) according to the WLTP cycle. The Enyaq boasts a spacious and comfortable interior with ample legroom and headroom for passengers.

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