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Smart Fortwo Coupe Lease

The two-seater Smart Fortwo Coupe lease has been around for nearly two decades, and its lightweight dimensions and rear-engined configuration have distinguished it as a unique concept on the new car market.

The Smart Fortwo Coupe lease has a rear-mounted engine that sits under the boot floor and drives the rear wheels, which are both uncommon features in vehicles today. A 1.0-litre three-cylinder turbocharged engine is standard on all models, with outputs varying depending on the model and trim.

A 41kW electric motor in the rear and a 17.6kWh, 96-cell lithium-ion battery under the cab floor provide 82bhp and 118lb-ft to the rear wheels. The range is estimated to be about 70 kilometres, which may not seem like much but is more than enough for a day of plodding around the city.

If rear seats are not essential, the Fortwo Coupe is probably more than functional for around city driving. The tailgate splits for fast loading in tight spaces, and there is enough room for a weekly shop or a weekend away, but with just two seats, it is probably not ideal for a family - unless it is as a second car.

Smart Fortwo Coupe Lease

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