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Tesla Model 3 Lease

The Tesla Model 3 is the world’s best selling electric car. It boasts an electric range of 250-miles and the Long Range versions can reach an impressive 322-miles. As a Tesla standard, it comes with the self-driving Autopilot system, along with an array of state-of-the-art features. This cutting-edge 4 door saloon is the smaller, more affordable of the Tesla range, but they’ve spared no expense in its smart design. If you would like to try out the world’s favourite electric car, a Tesla Model 3 lease could be ideal for you.

The Tesla Model 3 has different options. The single-motor car has is rear-wheel drive and can cover around 260miles in one charge. The dual-motor version is all-wheel drive and reaches up to 310 miles. Seen as neither model of the Tesla Model 3 has a combustion engine, they’re incredibly smooth and quiet to drive. This is due to advances in traction control, make it possibly the best handling Tesla yet. In either case, they’re both easy to handle and can achieve instant acceleration to high speeds.

The Autopilot system is also more advanced and the Tesla Model 3 lease is equipped with the necessary sensors and cameras it needs for self-driving. The dashboard features a central 15” touchscreen, which functions as the main interface for nearly all the controls, from the navigation system to adjusting the mirrors. The car also boasts plenty of other minimalistic, high-tech features including keyless car doors which you can open using the Tesla app on your smartphone.

Although it might sound very high-tech, the Tesla Model 3 design is actually pretty simplistic and user-friendly. The electronic system is incredibly slick and fast. There’s little to no lag and the clarity of the display is excellent. You won’t find many buttons on a Tesla dashboard, in fact, it’s designed with this simplicity in mind. Everything from the steering wheel and climate control system is located in the central touchscreen.

There are also additional features for convenience. These include sat nav, four USB ports, two smartphone docks, and Bluetooth. There are also innovations in comfort such as 12-way adjustable heated seats, a large tinted sunroof, and synthetic vegan leather upholstery. The adjustable seats are both ergonomic and supporting. There’s also ample space in the vehicle’s interior. As with most electric cars, there’s plenty of legroom that doesn’t need to be taken up by a transmission tunnel.

One of the main benefits of driving an electric car is that it’s better for the environment. There are zero emissions. A Tesla Model 3 lease represents the future of the industry and its drivers have complete access to the Tesla supercharger network.

Tesla Model 3 Business & Personal Contract Hire 

The Tesla Model 3 is one of the most remarkable mid-size electric cars available. Our friendly team will be happy to inform you about lease options. If you would like to know about the Tesla Model 3 lease deals we’ve got to offer, get in touch today. Drop us an email at sales@stablevehiclecontracts.co.uk or call 0151 728 4711.

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