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Tesla Model S Lease

If you’re looking for an all-electric luxurious executive saloon then a Tesla Model S lease could be perfect for you. The Tesla Model S has a higher range than any other battery-electric car, 402 miles (672km) to be exact. It also boasts a high-tech cabin with the latest innovations in comfort and safety. Not to mention the Autopilot feature, an advanced driver assistance system that with the use of sensors, allows the car to manoeuvre itself without hardly any input from the driver. If you want the latest in innovation and sustainability, then consider a Tesla Model S lease.

The Tesla Model S isn’t only energy-efficient, it’s also incredibly comfortable and easy to drive. It has a generous hatchback-style boot and a very roomy interior for a saloon. It’s simple to manoeuvre using only the foot brake and transmission stick, as all four wheels are driven through a single-speed transmission. You also get an instant seamless acceleration and the Tesla Model S is capable of impressive speeds. It handles effortlessly and standard air suspension is also fitted offering comfort along the way. 

The Tesla Model S is a real game-changer. A pioneer in electric and hybrid technology, the Tesla Model S is powered by two electric motors and either a 75 or 100kWh battery pack. The dashboard as well is like something out of science fiction. It’s mostly taken up by a 17” portrait touchscreen which controls everything from audio to climate control, headlights, and sunroof. This might seem a bit different at first, but actually, it’s much simpler having fewer buttons and almost everything controlled by one screen.

It also includes an infotainment touchscreen that can be used for streaming and a variety of games. If you’re interested in a Tesla Model S lease for you’re family, it’s ideal for keeping the kids entertained. It also features back-facing child seats. You’ll have no trouble hearing Netflix as the Tesla Model S is almost eerily quiet, seen as there’s no noisy combustion engine.

It’s also a very comfortable car to drive. There’s no shortage of legroom in the front seat of a Tesla Model S. There’s also plenty of storage space. You can fold the backseats back to create more boot space. There’s a separate compartment under the rear boot’s floor for the charging cables, so you won’t have to worry about these taking up all the space.

There are several other little extras that come with a Tesla Model S lease. These include vegan leather seats, four-zone climate control, power-folding door mirrors, heated seats and steering wheel, panoramic sunroof, metallic paint, and keyless entry via smartphone.

Tesla Model S Business & Personal Contract Hire

The Tesla Model S is one of the most remarkable electric cars and with zero emissions. Our friendly team will be happy to inform you about lease options. If you would like to know about the Tesla Model S lease deals we’ve got to offer, get in touch today. Drop us an email at sales@stablevehiclecontracts.co.uk or call 0151 728 4711.

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