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Tesla Model Y Lease

The Tesla Model Y lease is an electric crossover SUV similar to the Model 3 but with a larger interior and taller design. It's Tesla's fourth four-door car and contains all the same premium qualities as the other models.

The Tesla Model Y lease offers drivers a simple but elegant car design. A crossover SUV that could be mistaken for a Model 3 upon first glance, but the raised rear end instantly lets you know otherwise. It offers a commanding view of the road thanks to its raised seating position and a slightly taller roof means more space for passengers.

Tesla Model Y Car Leasing

It inherits the 15-inch touchscreen from the Tesla Model 3, which sits in the centre dashboard and has become synonymous with Tesla's tech-based design. Unlike the Model X SUV, the Tesla Model Y lease comes with standard doors instead of falcon wing doors. Tesla says there will be a 7-seater option available for the Model Y further down the line.

The Tesla Model Y Long Range model comes with a 75kWh battery that offers a 315-mile (WLTP) range and a fantastic 434bhp electric motor. Like all Tesla's, the Model Y lease is a seriously fast car and can match the Tesla Model S in performance.

Upgrade to the Tesla Model Y Performance and you get a 129bhp boost, with it clocking in at around 563bhp. Perfect for those who are after the most powerful Tesla Model Y lease, but you do lose a bit of mileage, as the range on this one comes in at 298 miles (WLTP).

Tesla Model Y Business & Personal Contract Hire 

The Tesla Model Y lease is an excellent choice if you're after an electric car with an excellent range and plenty of interior room. Our friendly team will be happy to inform you about lease options. If you would like to know about the Tesla Model Y lease deals we’ve got to offer, get in touch today. Drop us an email at sales@stablevehiclecontracts.co.uk or call 0151 728 4711.

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