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Volkswagen Golf Alltrack Lease

By design, the Golf Alltrack shares most of the body with the estate but has a slightly larger wheelbase of 2,686 mm (+50 mm) and a significantly longer rear cantilever. As a result, the length is 4,633 mm, which is 349 mm longer than the estate and 66 mm longer than the previous generation Golf variant. A Volkswagen Golf Alltrack lease is a great family car option and an immaculate drive. This is a secure drive, with shifting torque between the front and rear wheels, helping to prevent tire slippage. This makes driving in more extreme weather conditions much easier to manage and with even better precision on the roads. 

Under the hood of the Golf variant, we find the mild 1.5 eTSI hybrid engine in combination with a 48V battery and the 7-speed DSG automatic transmission. There will also be versions with the 2.0 TDI diesel engine. The diesel options will be provided by the 2.0-litre TDI in 115 and 150 hp versions, while the presence of the plug-in hybrid version of 245 hp should also be considered, a truly economical car holding the torch high. In the redesigned tail, the LED lights look the same as the estate, but the rear windshield tilt is more pronounced, the plate has moved to the boot door, the loading threshold is lower and the new bumper houses reflectors and diffuser. 

The interior is identical to the five-door Golf Estate, while there are various practical solutions such as the rear electric opening door, the hooks for bags, the straps for securing items, the two power supplies (at 12V and 230V) etc. A spacious interior with great comfort; the spaces for the rear passengers are slightly larger, while the luggage space has been increased to 611 litres and launches to 1,642 litres when the backs of the rear seats fall. A great economic car which has some nifty features which provide safety, comfort and true driving pleasure. In addition to these features, there are also some other features.

The rear door can also be opened electrically, while there are hooks for bags, straps for securing items and two sockets, one at 12V and one at 230v. It comes equipped with everything a driver needs and Volkswagen has long been a respected and coveted car. There are certainly plenty of reasons to look at leasing a Volkswagen Golf Alltrack and we would be more than happy to discuss the best options for your lease. 

Volkswagen Golf Alltrack Personal Contract Hire

It is certainly a very favourable family car and with a reliable Volkswagen engine and a modern car not to be missed. If you wish to hear more about our Volkswagen Golf Alltrack lease deals then please feel free to get in touch with one of our friendly team members. Our team has a wealth of experience and will be glad to speak with you about your Golf Alltrack lease deal. Please drop us an email on or alternatively, call 0151 728 4711

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