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Volkswagen ID.3 Lease

If you're after a cutting-edge all-electric car made by the famous German manufacturer Volkswagen, a Volkswagen ID.3 lease is a perfect choice. It features a long battery range, fast charging times a unique design.

Hailed by many as a further evolution to the current EV (electric vehicle) market and a positive step in the right direction to mainstream adoption, the ID.3 is a very attractive looking car. It features the latest modern technology and gizmos, a stylish and unique design and a fantastic set of electric engines that make daily driving easy. A Volkswagen ID.3 lease is a great choice for those who wish to take their e-mobility journey to the next level.

The ID.3 is a significant car for Volkswagen and it could be said it's on par with the release of the Golf or the Beetle. Although similar in size to both of these, the one thing that has changed is the engine. Now running on a 100% electric motor and battery, the ID.3 is an environmentally friendly car that even during production in the factory relies entirely on a renewable source of energy. If you're a fan of the Volkswagen Golf, the Volkswagen ID.3 lease will be right up your street.

Volkswagen ID.3 Lease

But what makes the ID.3 so significant? Well for starters it offers a fantastic set of electric engines and varying battery sizes, depending on how far you think you may travel. The small 48kWh battery offers a decent 205-mile WLTP range. The mid-range battery sits at 58kWh and offers a 261-mile range. And finally, at the large end of the scale, you have the 77kWh battery which offers a huge 342-mile range. These engines are a game-changer for the electric car industry and should seriously reduce any range anxiety, a common complaint about electric vehicles.

Of course, it's not just mile range the ID.3 is good for. It's also got that famous Volkswagen build quality both inside and out. The ID.3 is a very unique looking car and quite different from anything they've built before. In the interior, the ID.3 doesn't disappoint as it contains high-quality materials that give it a very sturdy and premium feel. The addition of a flat-bottomed steering wheel and two digital infotainment screens means you have all the information you ever need right at your fingertips. You have a screen sitting right behind your steering wheel, which includes key information about the car as well as satellite navigation. A perfect spot for never taking your eyes off the road. 

If you're after the latest and greatest electric car innovation, the Volkswagen ID.3 lease represents the perfect choice. With all that modern technology and innovative features, leasing this car would mean being at the forefront of the electric vehicle revolution. The ID.3 is a serious bit of kit and Volkswagen themselves expect this car is going to change lives and make a huge impact on the current e-mobility market.

Volkswagen ID.3 Business & Personal Contract Hire

If you think a Volkswagen ID.3 lease is going to be your next choice, why not lease one through Stable Vehicle Contracts? We're experts in Volkswagen leasing and have been in business since 2009. We've sold thousands of Volkswagen and could find you the perfect Volkswagen ID.3 lease at the best price for your budget and circumstances. Feel free to get in contact with us today by phone on 0151 728 4711. Alternatively, send us an email on and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Let's get the ball rolling on your next Volkswagen ID.3 lease today.

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