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Volvo S60 Lease

A Volvo is something you shouldn’t overlook at any point, not when they are so reliable and consistent. Hardly any of its competitors can offer the same level of reliability, which isn’t a factor to gloss over. However, a Volvo S60 lease is a smart move for anyone who wants a compact saloon that is every bit as eye-catching and fun to drive as its counterparts. And, in this hotly contested sector, there are tonnes, which only goes to show that the S60 isn’t around to make up the numbers. It’s a high-quality car for serious buyers.

A standout feature is the lack of a diesel engine. To commit to carbon neutrality, the Swedish car manufacturer has two options for its 2.0-litre engine - petrol or hybrid. The former comes in the form of a turbocharged unit that has the potential to reach 60 mph in 6.9 seconds, thanks to its 247bhp. With a top speed of 112 mph, the S60 is probably not the same safe and run of the mill vehicle you assume Volvo has been making for decades. It’s got a naughty side.

Of course, the hybrid is the angel on the shoulder, encouraging drivers to think responsibly, something that can’t be overstated in an industry where the EU’s Euro6 rules are tightening. Thanks to the hybrid version of the power unit, the S60 is more than capable of lowering CO2 emissions and doing its bit for the environment. However, you shouldn’t judge the petrol engine, either, as it only emits 45g/km of carbon, which is well under the regulator’s limits. And, if you think the hybrid doesn’t have any speed, you’re wrong - it has 385 bhp once the 2.0-litre and electric motor fuse in harmony.

It’s impossible to speak about a Volvo S60 lease without talking about reliability. So, although there is no rear-wheel-drive that motorists find synonymous with fun and enjoyment, the front- or all-wheel drive systems perfectly funnel the power to each part of the vehicle. As a result, nothing is strained or put under too much pressure due to an overload of torque. But, it’s the interior where the reliability factor comes into play as every modern vehicle now comes with mod-cons.

In the S60, there is a focus on ease of access. For example, the ‘Pilot Assist’ function automatically steers, accelerates and brakes when switched on. The numerous cameras and sensors alert you to the slightest infringement, whether it’s a fellow motorist or an obstacle you didn’t spot, and the infotainment system is comprehensive. Besides all of this, the exterior is classically elegant. Instead of being loud and overbearing, the minimalist Scandi design will leave you, and the engine, purring.

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A car that you can trust is hard to find. The Volvo S60 is trustworthy, and it has the features to delight any dedicated petrolhead. It’s not hard to see why it’s gaining popularity. To jump on the bandwagon, you can contact us to speak more about our leasing offers and promotions. Don’t delay, call 0151 728 4711 today, or email us today!

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