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Car Leasing Special Offers & Deals

Please see our car leasing special offers below. Stable Vehicle Contracts periodically has car leasing deals that are cheaper than the normal rates and offer in stock cars with a quick 2-4 weeks delivery time. Some vehicles, however, can be on a special offer but don’t offer quick delivery, but instead will offer a factory delivery time which is up to 12 weeks. Any vehicle in stock will have a 'Quick Delivery' tag on it.

Factory orders can be tailored to your individual specification and requirements, whilst in stock cars cannot. Usually, with in stock cars, there are different colours to choose from but the specification can’t be changed.

Car leasing deals from Stable Vehicle Contracts

Stable Vehicle Contracts offers some of the best car leasing deals on the market. We’re part of a privately-owned Volkswagen and Audi dealership group, meaning we can source cars quickly and easily without hassle. We can secure the most competitive rates due to our group’s purchasing power. This is what differentiates us from other online brokers.

What is car leasing?

Car leasing is a form of long term car rental. Our minimum lease period is 2 years, followed by 3 and 4 years being the maximum. When you look through our website and find the car you want to lease, you must state your preferred annual mileage, contract length, initial rental payment and whether you want a maintenance package included. Once you've been accepted by the finance company and have a delivery date, your car will be delivered straight to your doorstep free of charge. At the end of the contract, your car is simply handed back and you are free to lease another car or purchase a car through another avenue.

You can read more about car leasing in our car leasing guides.

Why choose car leasing and what is included?

Car leasing is a very simple process. There are numerous benefits for choosing car leasing deals over other forms of finance. These are:

  • Easy to understand fixed monthly costs that never change throughout the entire contract
  • Full manufacturers warranty
  • Car tax incorporated into your contract for the entire duration
  • No risk of holding a depreciating asset that will lose money at the end of use
  • Free UK delivery offered by us including delivery to Belfast Port
  • Option to include maintenance and servicing as part of your contract
  • Disposal of your vehicle at the end of the contract is handled by BCA Car Auctions and picked up from your house directly

What is the difference between business and personal car leasing?

There are two types of car leasing from Stable Vehicle Contracts. Business car leasing is available to limited companies, public limited companies (PLC), sole traders, partnerships and limited liability partnerships (LLP). If you're any of these then you can reclaim up to 50% of the rental for cars, or up to 100% on commercial vehicles via a business contract hire plan. Business car leasing prices exclude VAT.

Personal car leasing is available to private individuals who want to use the car for social, domestic, pleasure and commuting. Personal contract hire is different from business car leasing, due to the fact you cannot reclaim the VAT back. This is why when you switch to personal car leasing on our website you will see that all prices are inclusive of VAT. Personal contract hire prices include VAT.

Do your car leasing deals come with insurance?

Unfortunately, our car leasing deals do not come with included insurance. It's part of your own check to ensure that your vehicle is fully insured before you drive it, as is stated by law.

What happens at the end of the car lease agreement?

When your car lease agreement finally comes to an end, as specified by your contract, your car will simply be collected from your home free of charge. Think of it like giving the keys back to your landlord after moving out of your rented apartment. As long as the vehicle is returned in good condition and the mileage is under what was agreed at the start of the contract, you will not have to pay anything else.

If you need more information about what happens at the end of the contract and what condition your vehicle needs to be in, please read our end of lease agreement guide.

How to contact us

If you’re interested in learning more about Stable Vehicle Contracts car leasing deals and car leasing special offers, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today. You can phone us directly on 0151 728 4711 and you’ll go straight through to a real person.

Alternatively, you can submit a contact form on our Contact Us page or send us an email directly at You can also message us via our social media channels which are monitored daily. You can visit our Facebook and Instagram and DM us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible regarding your car lease deal.

If you want to see our reviews, please visit our Reviews page. We’re rated 4.8 out of 5 from over 680 genuine and verified customers.

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Mercedes-Benz GLE GLE 300d 4Matic AMG Line Prem 5dr 9G-Tronic [7 St]
635.99 /pm
Personal lease (inc VAT)
  • Initial Rental: £3,815.93
  • 48 Month Contract
  • 10000 Miles pa
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