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Volkswagen Caddy Lease

Are you on the lookout for a practical van that offers a spacious interior with excellent driving specs? Well, you’ll struggle to find a better deal than a Volkswagen Caddy lease. Here, you can get your hands on the wheel of a small yet functional van with everything you could possibly ask for inside. Whether you need it for long journeys or a series of short trips, it’s perfectly capable of handling a variety of tasks. 

The Volkswagen Caddy is one of the most practical minivans on the market. If you run a small business and need somewhere to keep your supplies while you work, then this fits the job perfectly. Depending on the model you choose, you can expect to see an impressive payload of up to 739kg. That means you can store a huge plethora of items in the back of the van without worrying about compromising safety or performance. It’s ideal for small supplies and larger pieces of work equipment. 

Our full range of Volkswagen Caddy lease offerings provides you with a diversity of features and options to choose from. Underneath the Caddy, you’ll be greeted by a MacPherson strut suspension - combined with top-of-the-range shock absorbers. This helps keep the ride as smooth as possible and evenly distributes the load throughout the van. It means that you shouldn’t have a bumpy ride, even if the rear of the van is loaded up with heavy items. 

Speaking of the rear, this is where all the space is. There’s a spacious area to keep all of your goods in, and this is complemented by two rear-wing doors that swing outward to make loading and unloading a breeze. As if that’s not enough, the left side of the Caddy features a sliding door for quick access to the back. This is an excellent place to keep items that are frequently in use, preventing the need to constantly open up the rear doors. There’s even a heated window on the rear door to help with those chilly winter mornings! The driver’s cab is kept separate from the load via a solid plastic wall, which adds an extra touch of privacy while you’re driving. 

Performance-wise, this minivan has lots of lovely features that make it very easy for you to drive. This includes built-in safety features like Engine Braking Control, Traction Control, and even ABS. We offer a multitude of spec options with our Volkswagen Caddy leases, and most people go for the mid-range 101bhp engine model. But, for some extra oomph, you could go all the way up to 148bhp.

Naturally, when you’re leasing a minivan, you want to be certain that it’s safe and secure. Thankfully, the Volkswagen Caddy comes with a genius electronic immobiliser feature. This means the vehicle won’t start unless you have the correct key nearby. It makes the van impossible to hotwire!

Volkswagen Caddy Personal & Business Contract Hire

Want to know more about our Volkswagen Caddy lease options? You could get your hands on this incredible van today by contacting our team. You’ll be in the hands of experienced and highly trained professionals that can advise you on the best deal. Don’t waste any time, get more info in this impressive vehicle by emailing us on or call 0151 728 4711

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