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Volkswagen Transporter Lease

A Volkswagen Transporter lease is an ideal van for both business and pleasure, if you are on the hunt for the perfect vehicle which is powerful, stylish and comfortable then this van will suit perfectly to your needs. It is large, sturdy, easy to drive and has plenty of specific features that make it a pleasurable vehicle to drive. The Volkswagen Transporter offers remote control locking systems which adds an element of security to your vehicle which makes it a great choice for those who may use it for business and transport. 

The most specific feature of this vehicle is, of course, its modern specifications, some of which include electric windows, cruise control, and electric heated door mirrors, which are most helpful during winter months. They ensure that there is no condensation or water molecules collecting on side mirrors, dispelling the fear of obstruction during driving. The heated windscreen provides the same security, making the Transporter a truly roadworthy vehicle.

It brings style to the road, available in a multitude of colours, the Transporter is not just a beautiful piece of engineering on the outside, but the inside is equally as plush. You’ll find it comes complete with multi-function leather steering wheel and gear knob, which makes long-distance driving a little more comforting, in addition to armrests, five seats, comfort dash, carpets and discover media. 

The entertainment system in this vehicle is equally mind-blowing. Discover media is your port of all for all music and video applications, the sound quality is exceptional and it is undoubtedly the vehicle to show off to your friends. It’s incredibly spacious with plenty of room to store materials as needed, the seating is incredibly comfortable, which makes it a clear winner. The lighting of the Transporter includes strong LED tail lights, which allow you to see through difficult weather conditions, often fog and rain, LED is preferable to have the best vision on the road throughout all four seasons.

The rear camera and rear sensors allow you to park the van with ease, in all its enormity, you will find that reversing and parking is much easier with these features and with voice control, you can ensure the Transporter undertakes tasks easily without having to multitask, which makes it a brilliant and efficient vehicle to drive. The short wheelbase model has a maximum load length of 2,570mm. This can rise to a 2,970mm in the long-wheelbase model. The specific models depend upon your usage and mileage to ensure you’re buying the right model.

The true allure of the Volkswagen badge is certainly not wavering, it is a tough sturdy machine that is available in different sizes dependent upon your need. It’s a practical load-carrier, with space and buyers will be glad to know that the range starts with an 89bhp unit, and at the highest, a 158bhp motor, thankfully with incredibly low CO2 emissions. The perfect choice for a stylish and reliable load carrier, the diesel-run Transporter is packed full of surprises. 

Volkswagen Transporter Personal & Business Contract Hire

If you’re interested in finding out more about our Volkswagen Transporter lease offers then please get in contact with us today. Our fantastic van sales team will be delighted to help you find your perfect lease. You can reach us by phone on 0151 728 4711 or email us at

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