Volkswagen ID.3 & ID.4 Model Year 22.5 (MY22.5) Enhancements
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Volkswagen ID.3 & ID.4 Model Year 22.5 (MY22.5) Enhancements

Volkswagen ID.3 & ID.4 Model Year 22.5 (MY22.5) Enhancements
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The award-winning Volkswagen ID.3 & ID.4 electric cars are receiving some upgrades for the model year 22.5 (MY22.5), effective from 1st December 2021.

The Volkswagen ID.3 Hatchback and ID.4 SUV are VW's award-winning all-electric lineup. The ID.3 has been available for over a year now and many customers have gotten to grips with the uniquely designed hatchback. The ID.4 SUV was released a couple of months later and is gaining more interest as the days go by. 

In order to keep things fresh on these models, Volkswagen have announced a set of enhancements for the model year 22.5 (MY22.5). Why 22.5 and not 22? Back in July 2021, VW announced the MY22 changes which included higher levels of trim to choose from and greater customisation of your ID.3 and ID.4 for the Summer period.

Now, with the next set of upgrades ready to be added to the cars for 2022, VW have aptly named these model changes the MY22.5.

An image of a Volkswagen ID.3 Hatchback from the front

Model year 22.5 enhancements for the Volkswagen ID.3 and ID.4

The enhancements for the ID.3 and ID.4 aim to upgrade their interiors to feel more premium, the amount of technology available inside the cars and improvements to charging capacity. Please see below for the MY22.5 changes:

Changes Volkswagen ID.3 Volkswagen ID.4
New premium material dashboard, door cards and front console All models  
New vegan-leather/art-velour Dusty dark grey/Soul black seats All excluding Life model  
Integrated data volume in We Connect Plus for streaming All models All models
Increased rapid charge speed to 135kW on 77kWh equating to a 100km/62-mile range in a six-minute rapid charge 77kWh battery 77kWh battery
Winter driving mode via ‘ASR-Off’ button All models  All models

An image of the Volkswagen ID.4 SUV from the front

Model year 22.5 software enhancements for the Volkswagen ID.3 and ID.4

As well as the above changes, the ID.3 and. ID4 ordered from 1st December 2021 onward will receive enhanced technology packs. This includes:

  • Software version 3.0 from the production line for all ID.3 and ID.4 models
  • Intelligent Parking Assist standard on all ID.3 models except the Life model and standard on all ID.4 models
  • Trained Park Assist standard on ID.3 Max and Tour models and ID.4 Max and GTX Max models
  • Travel Assist 2.5 standard on ID.3 Max and Tour models and ID.4 Max and GTX Max models
  • Digital sound-package and subwoofer standard on ID.4 Max and GTX Max models

All ID.4 orders from 1st December 2021 onward will have a new black/grey interior as standard, compared to the brown interior that was on the previous models. See below for image detail.

An image of the changes to the Volkswagen ID.4 SUV interior

How can I get the MY22.5 enhancements?

All ID.3s and ID.4s built after 20th December 2021 (or week 51) will benefit from both of these changes. So simply order your ID.3 or ID.4 from this date onward to ensure your car comes with the new technology included and software enhancements such as version 3.0.

If you would like to lease a brand new Volkswagen ID.3 or ID.4, please visit our ID.3 leasing page or our ID.4 leasing page.

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