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BMW 4 Series Lease

A BMW 4 Series lease brings you a wide range of options for choosing your next car, whether for business or personal use. With the Coupe, Grand Coupe and convertible models available, there is something for any needs, all available at an affordable price. 

The modern 4 Series delivers everything the modern driver could want in a car. This includes Sat Nav for straightforward and intuitive guidance through unfamiliar cities and makes it the perfect choice to travel through far-flung parts of the world in style. You don't have to go far to get the most from the 4 Series, though, and it is as rewarding driving home from work as it is heading out on an adventure. 

BMW 4 Series Car Leasing

The interior of the BMW 4 Series lease boasts comfortable, spacious seats complete with leather upholstery and heated seats to further push the idea that this is a car that delivers style with every carefully considered feature. In addition to leather seats and intuitive Sat Nav, drivers can also enjoy the clear onboard screen that provides a wide range of information including weather, the time of day and driving conditions to ensure you are prepared for anything.

All models include Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free safety and effortless convenience. The easy-to-grip steering wheel also boasts volume and call-answering controls to keep your hands exactly where they need to be and provides seamless integration for your devices. 

The BMW 4 Series lease Cruise Control system keeps you in control while on long drives and helps you keep your wits about you without suffering from foot strain or fatigue. There are also multiple engine options, both Diesel and Petrol, which despite having their differences, still offer superb performance regardless of your preference. 

These engines vary depending on the type of 4 Series, but with a maximum of 3.0L and six cylinders, you can feel assured that you're driving one of the most excellent balances on power and control on the market. 

As for the exterior, the LED headlights are bright and ensure fantastic visibility in a range of weather conditions. You will enjoy the sharp headlights, while the lower-body lights are an excellent addition to add extra dimensions of safety for those cold and lonely morning drives to the office. 

The BMW 4 Series lease body has also undergone a facelift since the previous 4 Series design, and along with LED headlights, you can also revel in updated alloys, two metallic body colours that boast sleek sophistication. The lower centre of gravity also improves handling and traction, making this a vehicle capable of coping with a range of surfaces like it has been doing it all along.

The BMW 4 Series lease also offers different transmission options so you can find a model that you feel confident driving. Whether you prefer an automatic or manual transmission, the 4 Series has a model for you to make a comfortable transition from your old car to something new, shiny, and satisfying. 

BMW 4 Series Business & Personal Contract Hire

Want to know more about this popular range or our flexible BMW 4 Series contract hire offers? Don't wait. Get in touch with us today! Our experienced and highly trained advisers are waiting to get you a great deal on a BMW 4 Series lease. Drop us an email at or call 0151 728 4711 today.

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