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BMW 5 Series Lease

A BMW 5 Series Lease could be the perfect option for you if you are in the market for an executive saloon that more than backs up its reputation. It's certainly a modern machine capable of impressing at every stage of your exploration. The Bluetooth connectivity is convenient and easy to set up, while Satellite Navigation, heated seats, and Automatic Air Conditioning provider everything you could need from the interior of a car, and that's even without setting off on your next adventure. 

The models include the 5 Series and the 5 Series Touring, and they are very much a vehicle for professionals with plenty of obligations from Monday to Friday. However, the designs, both Estate and standard Sedan are also compatible with weekend activities, whether that's packing everything away for a camping trip or ferrying the kids around to their Sunday League game. 

Undergoing a redesign, the new 5 Series comes with a reduced weight which increases handling proficiency and also nimbler so that it can handle long, straight and endless roads as confidently as it can handle the narrow and winding backstreets of the suburbs. It is also more refined, and you can enjoy a peaceful ride with minimal engine noise or exterior wind rush, while any tire roar is experienced only on coarse or loose surfaces. Even with this, the 18" alloys can cope with whatever is beneath the wheel. 

Inside, you will be blown away by the refined design. The 5 Series is as classy as it is comfortable. So comfortable, in fact, that you may struggle coming up with excuses to leave, even after long drives across the country. 

The quality of materials is something that keeps on impressing, and while it grabs your attention, it doesn't demand it as other interiors might do, and that's a good thing. Likewise, the finish is superb, and besides the online services, there is a host of standard features that make this series feel just like home. 

For business users, you'll be continuously in awe of the affordable running costs. The 520d model is perfect for a company car and delivers EfficientDynamics that cut running costs further than you ever thought possible. 

With both five- and four-door options, you're also guaranteed variety in storage and luggage options with the 5 series. The simplicity of the Automatic transmission, which is available on all models, boasts eight-speed possibilities to adapt to any driving environment both cruising down the motorway or navigating the city streets for a night at the theatre because you want to get there in style if nothing else. 

You will also feel safe and secure while driving. The handling is agile, but you can also take advantage of the stability control and further safety systems, including autonomous emergency braking and vivid LED brake lights that will flash when performing an emergency stop. Simply put, it is a series for all conditions and everyday purposes.

BMW 5 Series Personal Contract Hire

Want to know more about this popular range or our flexible BMW 5 Series contract hire offers? Don't wait. Get in touch with us today! Our experienced and highly trained advisers are waiting to get you a great deal. Drop us an email on or call 0151 728 4711 to discuss your potential BMW 5 series lease.

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