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BMW 8 Series Lease

If you are a BMW fan and you want a high performance, refined car that is perfect for all-weather driving then a BMW 8 Series lease is ideal for you. The BMW 8 Series is a brilliant upgrade on the 6 Series and it comes in a range of different sizes. The stylish two-door coupe is perfect if you want something on the smaller side that still has all of the performance and attention to detail that you come to expect from a BMW. If the coupe is slightly too small for your needs, you have the option of the four-door gran-coupe or even the convertible version. 

BMW veterans will feel at home with the interior as it is very similar to previous models. The ignition button, light-up displays, and centre screen all feel very familiar but they have been given an upgrade for the 8 Series. The iDrive screen is even more responsive and the resolution is much higher, and it has a lot more features than previous versions. All of this up to date tech works seamlessly and outperforms the more expensive brands, like Aston Martin or Mclaren. 

Although you wouldn’t expect it from a sports car, the BMW 8 Series is actually quite comfortable and spacious. The beautiful leather seats are easily adjustable and the boot space is ample for a car of this size, so it’s perfect for family trips as well as solo driving. 

The BMW 8 Series lease also comes complete with some of the best safety systems that you will find in any car. The cruise control system is incredibly advanced and makes long drives so easy. The improved steering assist also makes motorway driving much safer. At night, you will benefit from the laser headlights, but they are an optional extra.

The engine in the 8 Series is a powered-up version of the standard 4.4-litre V8 that you expect to find in most BMW models. Although you can feel the power as soon as you touch the accelerator, it runs very quietly, even when it’s in sport mode. The excellent suspension and responsive steering can handle winding roads with ease, making the BMW 8 Series an absolute joy to drive. You wouldn’t be able to tell how much technology goes into the new braking system either because they feel so natural and intuitive. 

BMW 8 Series Personal Contract Hire

Lifelong fans of BMW and newcomers alike have lots to be pleased about with the 8 Series. It’s a beautiful car that drives like a dream, and it comes complete with all of the most advanced safety features. The interior is stylish and the entertainment systems will keep you from getting bored on long drives, which are already a breeze with the new cruise control system. If you want to know more about the BMW 8 Series contract hire offers that we have available, get in touch today. Our experienced advisors will help you to find the best BMW 8 Series lease deal for you. Drop us an email on or call 0151 728 4711.

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