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BMW X1 Lease

In terms of small family SUVs, the BMW X1 Lease stands out as one that is fun to drive but also safe and secure to give you confidence on the road wherever your destination. With it, you'll get superb modern features, some of which you expect from most cars, but others should surprise you. The Satellite Navigation system is precise and clear, while Bluetooth connectivity allows for simple smartphone or device implementation that is straightforward and simple to set up. 

While there are plenty of futuristic inclusions, such as the 8.8" infotainment display with intuitive menus and potential for Apple Carplay and Android Auto integration, if you want it, the X1 doesn't rely on these as heavily as other options in a similar price range or size. Instead, there's a deep focus on family-friendly suitability. Unlike other cars, the interior layout, particularly the knobs and buttons across the console, are all fitted with the user in mind, so it won't take long to learn where everything is and what it does. 

The interior of the X1 also boasts black fabric, which may not be the leather of more expensive models. However, it's still ideal for a family car, and the upholstery is easy to clean while also hiding any stains from your kids getting a little too excited about their holiday. 

The plastics feel soft to the touch, and the silver trims around the dashboard still give the X1 a modern and stylish look that you don't always find in family models. 

Considering the X1 is designed mostly for families, you'll be happy with the deep and plentiful boot space, with additional fasteners and cubbies for improved organisation. There is also ample room around the door pockets. These are capable of holding more than one water bottle at a time, which is not something you find in many cars, regardless of them being compact or not. 

The interior also makes it comfortable to sit in, even for full families of five, making cramped and claustrophobic car journeys something that will exist only in memory. 

It's no good discussing a car without focusing on performance, though. Aside from a satisfying blend of practicality and fun, the X1 is smooth to shift through the 8 automatic gears to provide comfort on both flat and steep roads. It's smart on the turns so you'll feel secure, while the body lean doesn't throw you halfway across the cabin, but instead, it's something you'll hardly notice.

The 18d model can hit 60mph in 9 seconds, and the fuel consumption is an acceptable 68.9mpg, whereas the 20d hits those speeds a little sooner with almost undetectable differences in fuel consumption, so if you're looking for a fantastically efficient motorway cruiser, this could be perfect for the next family holiday. 

BMW X1 Personal Contract Hire

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