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BMW X2 Lease

Selecting a BMW X2 Lease is a fantastic choice for drivers who need the SUV's practicality but also crave compact, easy styling that you'd typically find with a hatchback or even a coupe. The X2 shares plenty of similarities with the BMW X1; however, there are key differences that set them apart. Most evident in the design. The X2 has a vastly sloping roof which helps it feel easier on the road, streaming through the summer (or winter) air with the greatest of ease. As for the rest of the design, the front exterior is striking and easy to identify, with squared wheel arches that won't be to everyone's taste, but add a little personality to the vehicle. 

Inside the X2, the front seats are heated to keep you and your lucky passenger warm during cold winter morning drives to work, and these cloth/Alcantara upholstered seats balance the extra heat perfectly. Unlike leather seats, which can be both scorching and chilling depending on the time of year, these seats will welcome anyone at any time and deliver superb comfort. 

The Sat Nav system makes getting around a breeze, and there is also a rear parking sensor that helps you twist and turn into tight spaces as you've never managed to before. The rest of the console is concise, and that's precisely what you need from it. You won't feel overwhelmed with knobs and gadgets you might find in other vehicles, and this makes the X2 one of the more user-friendly options around. 

If you're after a car that provides comfort, whether you're a star basketball player or budding horse jockey, the front seats also come with marvellous seating and steering wheel adjustment that helps you slide in like the X2 was made specifically for you.

The 20i model is perfect for city driving or cruising down the motorway, and it can go from 0 to 60mph in less than 7.7 seconds, with fuel economy rating at around 50mpg, which is respectable regardless of the price you pay for it. 

If you're more comfortable with Automatic transmissions, this is also the car for you. The 20i Sport and S Sport models offer seven-speed transmission, which is so smooth you'll hardly notice the change as you glide smoothly from city to highway driving and back again. 

Despite the clear inspiration from the SUV, it doesn't feel like one when you're behind the wheel. The seat is lower than you'd expect, but this is not something you should turn your nose up to. You don't need to lord your driving over everyone else, and with a secure braking system, you're also guaranteed that confident feeling while driving through heavy traffic that could change in an instant. 

This is related, in part, to the X2’s lighter construction which also helps manage corners better and scrub off any excess speeds that larger vehicles would struggle with. 

BMW X2 Personal Contract Hire

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