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BMW X4 Lease

The BMW X4 lease is so unique because it is a perfect middle ground between an SUV and a coupe. It manages to give all of the benefits of a large SUV, with the stylish looks of a coupe, without making any compromises. If you are looking for a practical car that performs brilliantly and stands out from the crowd, this is a perfect choice. 

The BMW X4 lease comes with a choice of a 2.0-litre or a 3.0-litre diesel engine, and they both offer excellent performance. Both come with 4-wheel drive and an impressive eight-speed automatic gearbox, which provides acceleration that outmatches other cars, while also running a lot quieter. The high driving position and supportive seat make for a comfortable, pleasant driving experience, whether you are taking a short trip to the shops or heading out on a long road trip. A wide rear wheel span and firmed up suspension mean that the X4 handles surprisingly well, especially for a car of its size. 

The interior is spacious and comfortable, even when you have a full load of passengers with you. Legroom in the front and the back of the X4 is impressive and even the tallest drivers or passengers will have plenty of room. The X4 also comes complete with the great BMW iDrive infotainment system, which is easily controlled with the updated touchscreen system. The built-in sat nav works seamlessly on the large screen, so you will never have to worry about messing up your directions. 

The boot has enough room to fit several large suitcases with no trouble, and if you need to take any larger items, the seats easily fold down. There are a lot of small storage areas in the front of the car, so space will never be an issue and the BMW X4 lease is perfectly suited to families. 

The BMW X4 comes with a range of safety features as standard. The automatic braking systems, for example, help you to maintain control of the car and prevent any accidents. On a long drive, you can sit back and let the adaptive cruise control system take over for you, so you can enjoy the advanced infotainment system in the X4. Like most of the other models that BMW offer, the X4 gets the maximum 5-star safety rating from the Euro NCAP regulatory body after they have conducted crash tests. If you are concerned about safety and you want a car that you feel comfortable driving your family around in, you can’t do better than the BMW X4. 

BMW X4 Personal Contract Hire

If you are looking for a great SUV that has all of the stylings of a coupe without compromising on performance or space, the BMW X4 is the car for you. It’s incredibly powerful and it handles beautifully, and the interiors come complete with all of the latest tech. If you want to know more about our BMW X4 contract hire deals, get in touch today and our expert team will help you to find the perfect BMW X4 lease for you. Drop us an email on or call 0151 728 4711. 

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