Car Leasing Stockport

Stockport is a historic town within Greater Manchester County. Predominantly an industrial town, Stockport was known for its hat producing industry back in 1884 which produced six million per year.

Stockport is a historically significant town within the North West Greater Manchester county. Due to its distance from Manchester city centre, car leasing Stockport offers are worth looking into for an affordable way to commute. Bordering on the boundary of Cheshire, Stockport has a population of over 105,800 people as taken from a 2011 census and has been an industrial town since the 18th century. Stockport is famous for its hat industry which exports more than six million hats per year and the Stockport Viaduct, which dominates the town. 

Who are we?

Stable Vehicle Contracts are a car leasing company that specialises in both business and personal contract hire. We've been leasing both cars and vans since 2009 and are part of an Audi and Volkswagen dealership group with over 25 sites. Thanks to our relationship with these dealerships, we can source cars quickly, easily and at competitive pricing compared to the rest of the market. We offer a free delivery service for our car leasing offers, which means you get a car delivered straight to your doorstep if you live in Stockport or the surrounding area.

Our speciality brands are everything German, so AudiMercedes-BenzBMW and Volkswagen. We offer many more manufacturers and have a special offers page dedicated to our best Stockport car leasing deals. We also lease commercial vehicles such as vans and have a vans special offers page dedicated to these. If you are interested in a specific brand or car and can't see it on our website, feel free to give us a call and we will see if we can source it for you.

Why not check out our 5-star reviews to see how our happy customers rate us? If you want to know more information about us or our team, visit our About Us page.

An image showing an education campus in Stockport
An education campus in Stockport

What is car leasing?

Car leasing is a popular solution for long-term car rental. If you prefer to get a new car every two, three or four years then car leasing is perfect for you. You simply select your contract length, the annual mileage you think is best for you, your initial rental and optional extras for your car's specs. With our website, you have the freedom to customise your leasing deal completely. Feel free to play around with the settings and options to find a budget that is perfect for you. 

Business and personal contract hire in Stockport

You can choose between business and personal contract hire. Business is great if you're after a car that will be used primarily within your work. Personal is the best choice if you're after a car that you can use privately for social, domestic, commuting and pleasure. Car leasing is easy since once your contract runs out you simply hand the car back to the funder and walk away. You can then get another car lease if you prefer. Remember car leasing is a finance/loan-related, meaning you have to have a credit check done against you to ensure you're able to afford the monthly payments.

If you want more information please visit our differences between business and personal leasing guide page.

Car leasing in Stockport

Our car leasing Stockport offers are great given the town's location and proximity to central Manchester. Stockport is home to many small suburbs like Cheadle, Bramhall, Offerton etc, where public transport isn't always easily accessible. This makes car leasing a superior choice and one where the fixed monthly payments make managing your outgoings easy. We offer free delivery for our car leasing Stockport deals, which means you don't even need to leave your house to collect your car, as it will be delivered straight to your doorstep free of charge.

Free delivery to Stockport

We offer our car leasing free delivery services to the following places in Stockport: Adswood, Bramhall, Brinnington, Bosden Farm, Cale Green, Cheadle, Cheadle Heath, Cheadle Hulme, Davenport, Edgeley, Gatley, Great Moor, Heaviley, Heald Green, Heaton Chapel, Heaton Mersey, Heaton Moor, Heaton Norris, Marple, Marple Bridge, Mellor, North Reddish, Offerton, Portwood, Reddish, Reddish Vale, Romiley, Shaw Heath, South Reddish, Stepping Hill, Strines & Woodsmoor.

An image showing Cheadle Golf Club in Stockport
Cheadle Golf Club - Pitch & Putt

How to get in contact with us

It’s easy to get in contact with us here at Stable Vehicle Contracts and find out more about our car leasing in Stockport offers. The quickest and most popular way is to simply phone our office on 0151 728 4711. Our phone lines are open 9 am – 6 pm Monday to Friday. When phoning you will be put through to the admin team, and from there you can let us know whether you’re a new or returning customer. We’ll be able to direct you to the relevant account manager from there or assign you a new one if you’re a new customer.

If you prefer to email, our main inbox is Once you’ve emailed your query over to us we’ll respond back within a couple of hours.

Alternatively, you can reach us via our social media pages which are manned 9 am to 6 pm. Please see the links below for our social media.