Volkswagen ID.3 wins ‘Best Small Hatch’ at UK Car of the Year Awards 2021
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Volkswagen ID.3 wins ‘Best Small Hatch’ at UK Car of the Year Awards 2021

Volkswagen ID.3 wins ‘Best Small Hatch’ at UK Car of the Year Awards 2021
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The all-electric Volkswagen ID.3 hatchback wins another accolade. This time it's the ‘Best Small Hatch’ at UK Car of the Year Awards 2021.

  • Volkswagen ID.3 wins ‘Best Small Hatch’ at UK Car of the Year Awards 2021
  • The ID.3 now holds 10 awards in total from various UK experts
  • The ID.3 has been praised for its original design, practicality and functionality

‘Best Small Hatch’ at UK Car of the Year Awards 2021

The Volkswagen ID.3 wins its 10th award, this time winning the ‘Best Small Hatch’ category at UK Car of the Year Awards 2021. So far the car has been widely praised for its original concept and design, being one of the best electric hatchbacks you can currently buy. The judging panel for the Car of the Year Awards said that the ID.3 is a key car in bringing e-mobility to the mass market.

Interior picture of a 2021 Volkswagen ID.3 Electric Hatchback

The ID.3 offers a large range of models with varying battery sizes. The smallest 45kWh battery offers a modest 170 miles (WLTP) and the largest 62 kWh battery offers up to 261 miles. With more and more UK citizens adopting a 3kW or 7kW charger for their homes, electric cars are fast becoming the cheapest option when it comes to owning a car. The 45kWh ID.3 has a 7kW charging time of 7 hours and 30 minutes for a 0-100% charge. While a 50kW rapid charger will take your ID.3 from 10% to 80% in 44 minutes. It's easy to just charge your ID.3 overnight and wake up to a full battery.

The ID.3 is no slouch when it comes to power as well. As with all electric vehicles, the power is felt as soon as you press the accelerator with no lag, unlike fuel-based vehicles. The smallest 110 kW (148 hp) motor is capable of 229 lb-ft of torque and can propel you from 0 to 62mph in just 8.9 seconds. The top speed is a modest 99mph for the 110 kW motor, but there's enough to cruise on motorways without issue.

Front picture of a 2021 Volkswagen ID.3 Electric Hatchback

2021 sees VW push the next generation all-electric SUV as well, which is the Volkswagen ID.4. The ID.4 will have another large range of battery sizes to accommodate different situations. The first model available will be the '1st Edition', which features a 204bhp electric motor and a 77kWh battery with a 310-mile (WLTP) range. The ID.4 will feature a spacious and upmarket interior, much like the ID.3, but with more storage and passenger space for those family trips.

What the judges had to say:

Judging panellist and motoring journalist, Alex Robbins, described the ID.3 as: "A brilliant family hatch in its own right, with a smart interior and plenty of space for a family. Yet it’s also an accessible, easy to use electric car that will surely bring electric motoring to the masses”.

Fellow motoring journalist and panellist Guy Bird, said: “It’s always nice – but all too rare – when a concept car makes production with original design intent intact. The ID.3 is such a vehicle, with high-roofed hatchback silhouette present and correct – proportionally offset by large wheels – and with product design-influences galore”.

Rear picture of a 2021 Volkswagen ID.3 Electric Hatchback

Andrew Savvas, Director at Volkswagen UK, said: “What a milestone to achieve in such a short time – the fresh-faced, all-electric ID.3 reaching ten awards so far from across the UK media. The judge’s comments for this latest trophy further emphasise the ID.3’s breadth of appeal, covering design, practicality and what it represents for the future of Volkswagen and mobility itself. These numerous awards from independent experts will no doubt give customers even more confidence to make the move to electric with the ID.3".

What 10 awards has the Volkswagen ID.3 won so far?

Judging body



UK Car of the Year

Mar 2021

Best Small Hatch

What Car?

Jan 2021

Best Small EV

What Car?

Jan 2021

Safety Award


Jan 2021

Best Newcomer


Jan 2021

Best Family Electric Car


Dec 2020

Best Electric Family Car

Top Gear

Dec 2020

Game Changer of the Year


Nov 2020

Best Family Electric Car

GQ Car Awards

Feb 2020

Best Family Car


October 2019

Most Wanted award

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Side picture of a 2021 Volkswagen ID.3 Electric Hatchback

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